Quick Bolt Closures

Alberta Custom Pipe Bending & Mfg. (2010) Ltd. is a certified A.S.M.E “U” stamp fabrication facility. We design and fabricate a wide variety of Quick Bolt Closures in accordance with A.S.M.E Sec. VIII, Div. I.

Quick Bolt Closures provide:

  • Safe and efficient access to low pressure vessels and pipelines
  • Significant savings in time and labor for operators
  • Lower cost and less weight than a blind flange closure configuration

Alberta Custom Pipe Bending & Mfg. (2010) Ltd. fabricates a wide variety of standard Quick Bolt Closures. Our fabrication facility can accommodate closure ranging in sizes from NPS 6 to 60” OD carbon steel and pressure up to ANSI CL 150 (maximum 300 PSI). Quick Bolt Closures are "U" stamped, and registered throughout Canada and internationally using our National Board Certification. Click here to download the Quick bolt Closure Dimensional chart (PDF Format)

Design Features:

Alberta Custom Pipe Bending & Mfg. (2010) Ltd. Quick Bolt Closure employs a 2:1 semi elliptical head hinged to a welding hub. Special high strength bolting can be provided for low temp sour service applications.

The self energizing “O” ring Seal and corresponding groove situated in the hub portion of the closure ensures there is no mismatch upon closing or seal slippage to cause anything less than an ideal contact and sealing performance.

Safety benefits include requiring the bolts be slackened off an extra turn or two before they will swing out of the holding system. Should there be internal pressure the head will lift marginally and be restrained by the cap lugs, alerting the operator to residual pressure.

With focus on safety, compliance and quality, Alberta Custom Pipe Bending & Mfg (2010) Ltd. is dedicated to providing the highest quality product as per customer specification and requirements on-time.