Induction Bending

Alberta Custom Pipe Bending & Mfg. (2010) Ltd."s induction bender is a state of the art piece of equipment utilizing the most advanced technology available. The system is fully CNC automated with precise continuous process monitoring ensuring a quality product. Consistent and accurate control of induction bending parameters allows us to retain optimal material and mechanical properties with minimal wall thinning and ovality.

Our induction bending scope of supply is NPS 8 to NPS 48 and we have the capability to produce compound/offset bends to reduce the number of welds required upon installation. The mid-clamp design of our machine allows us to load material up to 80' - 0" in length to minimize material waste.

We offer in-house custom end-preparation of pipes such as transitioning and counter-boring of tangential ends while maintaining uniform nominal wall thickness. We also have custom sawing capabilities up to 52" round or square sections.

Our in-house metallurgist and stringent Q.C. and Q.A. programs ensure all manufactured products meet or exceed customer requirements.

Induction Bending Capabilities

219 mm (NPS 8) to 1220 mm (NPS 48) up to 50 mm W.T.
965 mm (38") minimum radius up to 6096 mm (240") maximum radius

Alberta Custom Pipe Bending & Mfg. (2010) Ltd. can provide a variety of bends ie:

  • Architectural Bends
  • Structural Bends
  • Compound Bends
  • S-Bends
  • Plant Facility Bends
  • Refinery Bends
  • Oil & Gas Transportation, Distribution Field bends
  • Liquid & Slurries Bends
  • Pressure Piping Bends

With focus on safety, compliance and quality, Alberta Custom Pipe Bending & Mfg. (2010) Ltd. is dedicated to providing the highest quality product as per customer specification and requirements.